Lil Ol me

This is the first blog I have ever written and I hope to create a beautiful page for you by painting a picture of my new life with Sophia Luna. I hope you enjoy.


This morning I woke and decided today was the day. It was a rice cereal experience. I mixed it little thicker than mommy’s milk and let her have at it. She was amazed! I’m not sure if she was more amazed at the spoon or the food. I think she has been longing to take a utensil and shove it in her mouth. Well today was the day. Lol! As for the cereal it was a questionable reaction. She did very well eating it…did she like it? Still insure.

Bunny Ears

Her first Easter

The womb…


In the beginning…she sleeps silently inside my womb.

October 12th:

The ultrasound went great…well she is still breech. She is 6.6lbs. I am 37 and 2 days. She has tons of hair. She is holding her ankles with her hands and keeping her feet close to her face. She got really excited and her heart started to beat really fast. Then, she made a really big move. We were all laughing. All of her parts are in perfect size and she is breathing the fluid. The ultrasound tech said she is a good baby. It was a good visit.